All there is to do here for “fun” is smoke weed and have sex.
Where’s the real life at?
I’m tired of all these people’s games.

But when I find real people they seem to hide away like hermits and do things to grow.
I kind of want to be in their presence but I can’t find them.

Picking up the pieces

It feels weird sitting next to my friend today.
When she had sex with the guy I like last night
And he asked me to cuddle with him after when he was broken.

The Quad

Turkish men still don’t know how to flirt well.


I have a lot of regrets, not saying goodbye the right way, not giving you that long hug when you asked for it and it ended up being the last time I saw you, holding on to grudges, taking the fast lane, losing touch with people, making myself obsess over image and acceptance. But I’m done with that, I’m going to college and getting rid of it to start new. So in seven days I’ll be in my new home ready to take on each day with a new perspective.